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Let's talk Permits! Backcountry permits are required for both day and overnight hikers to Keet Seel, with a limit of 20 hikers per day. Permits are available by calling 928-672-2700, or by mailing a letter, within 2 months of the day of the hike and then confirmed 1 week prior. With that done, we show up at the Visitor Center, the day before our hike to Keet Seel, to pick up our Permits. We do this so we can get up bright, "tired", and early the next day. What's early? Try 5:00AM. Don't look at me like that! We do this for two reasons. One, is to beat the heat of the day. Second, we are staying at the Anasazi Inn Tsegi Canyon (928-697-3793), 15 miles from the visitor center and the resturant opens at 5:30AM. See, you get to stay close in a comfortable bed, have a hot breakfest and still get started early on your hike to beat some of the heat of the day. Of course you could also stay at the Campground and save some money. It is less then a mile north of the visitor center and its on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Justus, KS2a.JPG

Here you are! Remember the campground we talked about yesterday? The one just north of the Visitor center? The gate next to the campground is where we park the car. Since we are staying overnight, at Keet Seel, we need backpacks to carry our tent, sleeping bags, food, etc. Carry lots of water! Two gallons are needed for overnight hikers. Unfortunately, the spring below Keet Seel ruins has dried up. Ranger Hayden at Keet Seel emailed me with this news in June 2011 after reviewing this web site. Anyone seriously short of water before their hike out can get enough from the Ranger on duty, at the ruins, to make it out. Lets avoid that by bringing that extra water, OK. Well lets get a move on and take advantage of this cool air while it lasts.


The first 1.5 miles is along the canyon rim to Tsegi Point, where the trail descends steeply into the canyon.


The hike to Keet Seel is 8.5 miles with mileage markers and white guideposts.


This primitive trail you are on now, is twisting you down a thousand foot mesa, in about a mile. Watch your step.


As you get close to the Canyon floor, you come across a flowering Yucca plant.


Finally, we made it to the Canyon floor.


At this point we head up Keet Seel Canyon. Its another 5.5 miles to Keet Seel crossing and re-crossing the creek as we go, gradually rising 400 feet to the ruin. So expect to get your feet and your boots wet.

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